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Thinking of You is the social donation network™; a brand new mobile-only app designed to be a thoughtful, quick and simple way for your supporters to donate easily to your charity.

It’s the only app to combine strength of thought with ease of donation as people can share thoughts, donations, charity fundraising pages and updates with their mobile network. We like to think Thinking of You is the most thoughtful app out there.

And there’s no cost to you, the charity, to be on the app at all – no fees, no service charge, nothing.

We’re proud to partner with some of the UK’s best charities and are supported by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), one of Europe’s largest charitable foundations.

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"Thinking of You is an exciting breakthrough, a simple way for people to reach out while supporting some fantastic charities."

Jo Loughran, Director, Time to Change

Why sign up with Thinking of You?

More money for your charity.

New research shows that 77% of charity supporters aren’t aware or don’t know of any mobile giving apps. Yet they’d donate an additional £27 a year if they could use a mobile app – as opposed to traditional methods of charity giving, such as on a PC or rattling a tin. That’s a whole untapped revenue stream just waiting for you.

The only fundraising platform to facilitate in-the-moment giving.

Thinking of You is unique because it encourages in-the-moment and repeat giving, triggered by social. Users can send a thought to someone and donate at that moment – whether a happy or sad occasion, anniversary, birthday, prompted or impromptu. No other donation platform does the same.

Mobile giving is where it’s at.

Some fundraising methods are still quite static and impersonal. Thinking of You represents a real breakthrough, where strength of thought is matched by ease of mobile giving, so your supporters can start fundraising for you instantly.

Up to half the fees of the leading fundraising platform.

Thinking of You doesn’t charge charities anything to be on the app at all – no fees, no service charge, nothing. The app does need to be run operationally, of course, but the aim is make sure the most money possible goes to charities. Therefore, Thinking of You deducts a 2.5% operating fee from charitable donations made through the app, compared with the leading fundraising platform which charges 5%. That’s good news for everyone. For a full breakdown, jump onto our Fees page.

It's so easy for your supporters to donate with Thinking of You.

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