Fees and Costs.

Thinking of You receives a 2.5% operating fee from any donation to help run the app (that’s half the amount of the market leader).

The app does need to be run operationally, of course, but the aim is make sure the most money possible goes to charities. And unlike others, we don’t charge charities to be on Thinking of You – no fees, no service charges, nothing.

Separately, our payment processing provider, Stripe, takes a 1.4% fee + 20p for donations made on a European debit or credit card and a 2.9% fee + 20p for donations made on a Non-European card.

Donations made via Paypal UK are subject to fees on a sliding scale, starting at 3.4% + 20p.

These fees are taken directly by the payment processing partners.

How the fees work:

Your donation +£10.00
Fees deducted from donations @2.5%: -25p
Stripe fee @ 1.4% + 20p -34p
25% Gift Aid addition +£2.50
Amount charity receives from a £10 donation: £11.91
Costs charged to charities £0

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